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Filling the Empty Hole Inside

In my work I encounter many issues around emotional eating. Some clients feel the need to fill the “empty hole” inside in order to feel, safe, cared for and protected. This pattern may have been established when they were very young, and definitely served a purpose at the time. Behavior always makes sense, so in this case the young child learned that “when I eat, things will be alright”. This pattern can continue for 20, 30 or 40 years. It goes beyond intellect, weight loss knowledge or simple behavior change. The truth is in our belly, our core, our middle. That’s why diets fail over and over again. When the true underlying emotional issue is not addressed, then dieting, exercising and c

Stress Management Strategies

A lot of books have been written about stress. We know that too much of it affects our health negatively. Cortisol levels rise, sleep patterns get interrupted, we may feel drained and edgy. What stresses us? Is stress something outside of ourselves that we have no control over, or can we take a different angle at looking at this? Granted, we have no control over unforeseen circumstances or other people’s behavior. We do, however, have control over how we choose to react to any given situation or challenge. We can change the way we think about an event. We can choose to react in a way that is not harmful to our wellbeing. Here are some strategies: Re-frame your thinking: Acknowledge a negati

Valuable Questions

Instead of focusing on what to eat and what not to eat, my clients and I explore the answers to the following questions: What do you want more of in your life? What do want less of? What have you not let go of that still burdens you? What “fuels” and energizes you? When do you feel most alive and well? How can you create more balance in your life? What does better self-care look like to you? By addressing the real issues in your life, you will find that food becomes less and less of a mood regulator. Get yourself a nice journal and start writing down some answers to those questions. This will start a process of self-discovery and healing. There is a way out of “stuffing” your feelings and co


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