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The Wisdom of Tuning In

I was recently confronted with having to make an important business decision. The choice I had to make was to either push through and go against my emotional wellbeing, or to say “no” to what had seemed like a golden opportunity just six months ago. My choice was to honor my inner wisdom and say “no” to what started to drain me. The physical signals I was receiving were fatigue, irritability and the loss of joy in my life. The price would have been too high. I am writing this to remind YOU to allow yourself to trust your inner wisdom, to feel and speak your truth and not ignore the signals and messages from your body. If something “feels” wrong in your gut, you are probably spot on. If you h

Inner Child Work Meditation

In my work with clients who struggle with weight issues I regularly encounter the lack of good mothering in early childhood. Try this meditation to heal what was not given to you when you were little: Take five deep relaxing breaths. Place your hands over your heart. See you inner child. Notice how the little child looks and feels. Comfort your child. Acknowledge that your "little one" may have been neglected for a long time. Promise your inner child that from now on, you will always be there for it, you will never leave it alone, and whenever this child wants your comfort or advice or playtime with you, you will always be there. Acknowledge that this relationship with your inner child is on


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