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Be at peace with your body.


The Mindful Eating and Self-Care Workbook is designed to help overcome emotional eating patterns. By using it for 30 days you will discover which emotions cause you to eat when you are not hungry. $20.00

This workbook is designed to help you:

Establish a healthy and relaxed relationship with food.

Stop unconscious, mindless eating and bring awareness to the eating process

Not use food as a mood regulator

Establish healthy self-soothing, nurturing rituals to replace the ‘overeating & mindless eating’ ritual

Learn to be present and fully enjoy each meal

Be at peace yourself and your body


You will also enjoy the daily section: "What am I grateful for and what am I proud of?" It is illustrated with my own photography. I hope it will provide you with good insight.

With love,

~ Petra


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