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The 6-month mindful eating and emotional self-care counseling program is designed to help you cultivate a balanced and nourishing relationship with food, while also fostering emotional well-being. 


NOURISH includes:

  • a comprehensive two-hour intake and goal-setting consultation
  • 23 one-hour focus counseling sessions
  • a customized meditation recording
  • 1 workbook
  • in-between session support via text
  • a one-hour “booster” follow-up consultation


Throughout the program, you will learn to distinguish between physical hunger and emotional cravings, break free from disordered eating patterns, and develop a more intuitive and mindful approach to eating.


The program is rooted in the practice of mindful eating, which encourages individuals to be fully present during meals, engage their senses, and savor the experience of nourishment. By incorporating mindfulness into your eating habits, you can develop a more compassionate and non-judgmental relationship with food, ultimately leading to improved emotional wellness. 


The program also addresses the awareness of emotional eating” and the importance of recognizing and managing emotional and environmental triggers that influence eating behaviors.


The cost of the program is payable in four installments. This investment in your well-being includes personalized guidance and support to help you transform your relationship with food and cultivate a more balanced and harmonious existence. If you're ready to embark on this transformative journey towards mindful eating and emotional self-care, I look forward to accompanying you every step of the way!

~ Petra

Six-month "Harmony" program package

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