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Love is all there is

I recently lost a friend who was only five years older than I am. I realized once again that all that matters in life is love. I had this deep knowing after my mother passed. When we are confronted with death, we appreciate life so much more. My friend who passed left me with a gift: To push myself less, to let go of “what if’s”, “I should”, “I wish” etc.

I teach my clients good emotional self-care, self-acceptance and unconditional self-love. Life feels freer when we let go of what others may think of us. Life feels more empowered when we speak our truth and put our own wellbeing on the front burner. That’s not selfish, it is called self-care.

I saw a Facebook post the other week, which seemed a bit harsh and troublesome but it stuck with me. “If you don’t make time for your wellness, you will have to make time for your illness.” It is too negative and fear-based for my taste so I’d like to reframe it to: “You are worth making time for yourself, you are worth putting your needs first so you can be there for others. You are allowed to speak your truth and voice your opinion.”

I believe that is is a gift to yourself and others to be true to your Self. Authenticity is refreshing and leaves you without resentment, bitterness or anger. Give yourself permission to say “no” when you mean “no”, to say “may be” when you mean “may be” and to say “yes” when you mean “yes”.

Where in your body to feel your truth? When do you know you are on your true path? Which sensations in your body tell you that you have “betrayed” yourself out of fear?

What I am describing is the path of the spiritual warrior, one who lives from the heart, protects his/her boundaries fearlessly and speaks his/her truth unapologetically.

The spiritual warrior is a fierce protector; loving, benevolent, strong - rising to any given challenge and living from the heart. I’d like to think that I am on that path. It is my calling in this lifetime to help guide others to be true to themselves and not abuse food or drink to cope or self-soothe. It takes courage to let go of old coping mechanisms. The reward is an authentic and rich life… full of wisdom, deep inner peace and contentment.

Love is all there is.

From my heart to yours.



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