Santa Barbara, CA, USA



It was a lucky day when I found Petra Beumer and the Mindful Eating Institute. I have been on every diet imaginable since I was twelve years of age. Petra has taught me that dieting isn’t the answer, self care and self love are the key to wellness. Food has been my obsession and fear. After two months of individual sessions and group, a shift has  occurred. I now don’t fear food, it’s a source of nourishment, not a stress soother. I have lost 11 lbs. with the help of journaling, a gratitude notebook and meditation. Petra has given me the tools to finally succeed. I can’t say enough about her nurturing and supportive program!

Private client, Santa Barbara

Working with Petra has been a powerful and healing experience.  I started this program hoping to lose weight and to put an end to years of yo-yo dieting and eating for comfort.  What I really needed to learn is how to practice good self-care –that this is the key to a healthy relationship with food.  With Petra’s guidance I’ve put together a toolbox of self-care tools and rituals that I can use to manage my emotions, and not to turn to food to soothe uncomfortable feelings.  I’m learning to set healthy, firm boundaries, including how to say No and to affirm my own self-worth.  Since I like using affirmations, Petra created affirmations that have helped me change old patterns of thinking and acting.  What I’ve learned on my own unique journey is that it’s really all about learning to love and accept myself just as I am, and along the way, I’m reclaiming a lighter heart and body.


Phyllis, Thousand Oaks

"I have known Petra since she was a health educator in a weight reduction program I attended.  I lost the weight and have been able to maintain the loss.  I continued to attend meetings over the years because I felt I needed the accountability and structure.  Something was missing but, at the time, I couldn’t identify what it was.  Then Petra joined the staff and introduced the concept of mindful eating.  It took time for me to incorporate the idea into what I already knew about nutrition, counting calories, and exercising, but, once I did, I was able to move on and now I eat with the intention of caring for myself and I eat for optimal satisfaction and satiety.   I thank Petra for making this possible.

           Jean, weight loss client, Santa Barbara