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Mindful Eating Institute is a weight loss and emotional self-care counseling service that helps clients free themselves from restrictive dieting and develop a healthy and relaxed relationship with food and their body. It is located in Santa Barbara, California and serving clients nationwide.


Founded in 2017 by Petra Beumer,  the comprehensive treatment program provides personalized strategies, which aim at creating a lighter existence - both on a physical and emotional level. Clients practice letting go of using food as a mood regulator by tuning into their physical and emotional needs. What they learn during the program they cannot unlearn. Once their inner "self-love"reservoir gets fuller and fuller, the need to cope by eating instead of feeling diminishes over time. 
At Mindful Eating Institute, clients explore the triggers that lead to emotional eating and develop the tools, weight loss strategies and rituals for establishing a healthy relationship with food and their body over time. They gain an understanding  of how to free themselves from the emotional eating cycle. The  curated treatment model represents a comprehensive in-depth non-diet approach, which aims at producing lifelong weight management results.
The therapeutic goal is to end the familiar pattern of worrying about calories and dieting, and to gain a new understanding of the true need for comfort, relief and support. Clients are gently guided to practice good emotional self-care and incorporate new healthy self-nurturing rituals into their everyday life.

Petra's prescription for wellness is: To love yourself deeply, to honor your physical and emotional needs, to have healthy boundaries and to be YOU - unapologetically.

"It's not just about losing weight. It's about creating a lighter existence."


 Get the tools to establish a peaceful, relaxed relationship with food and learn

how to nurture and nourish yourself in healthy ways. 


Diets don't work long-term and create frustration and hopelessness. Are you the typical yo-yo dieter

who has been using food as a mood regulator? You are not alone.

By working with me you will learn to be in tune with your body and differentiate between physical and emotional hunger. The goal is to nurture and soothe yourself in healthy ways.

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Identify limiting beliefs that may prevent you from breaking free of emotional eating, and learn to nurture yourself in healthy ways.

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Petra offers one-day workshops and classes on the topic of Mindful Eating & Self-Care.

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