It's not about just losing weight: It's finding your emotional freedom.







A three-month emotional & physical self-care program for women.


Women are born nurturers and caregivers. During this program you will learn to “mother” yourself well and give yourself the “oxygen first”. The spiritual warriorress has a soft heart and firm boundaries, and vows to practice radical acceptance and fierce self-compassion. She speaks her truth and dares to be herself, unapologetically.


Consists of 12 individual 60-minute counseling sessions plus 10 group sessions with like-minded women. The group is ongoing; you can join in at any time. (includes workbook)

What you can expect:

• After approximately 3-4 months a “shift” occurs. You may start experiencing a greater sense of calm, inner peace and self-acceptance, and consequently a reduction of punishing negative self-talk.

• The need to reach for food when you are not physically hungry greatly diminishes.

• The inner reservoir of self-compassion and self-nurturing gets fuller, and the need to take the “edge off” and numb with food weakens.

• You will learn to “downshift”, stress and worry less and live more in the present moment.

• You will start putting your needs first, and become kinder and more compassionate with yourself and others.

• Your inner “barometer” will assist you with listening to your body. You will be paying more attention to your need for rest, relaxation, play or movement.

• Typical results reflect an inner sensation of calmness and a greater sense self- confidence. You may become less re-active and more proactive in taking care of yourself, both physically, emotionally and spiritually… leading to a more joyous and authentic way of living and being!


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A three-month emotional & physical self-care program for men.

Men are often caught in their role of providers and protectors with very little access to their feminine softer side. The part that needs emotional comforting and reassurance may have been disregarded or buried for quite a long time. The spiritual warrior allows himself access to his emotions without judgement. He opens his heart while protecting his boundaries, and allows himself to embrace self-comforting new rituals.

Consists of 12 individual 60-minute sessions plus 10 group sessions with like-minded men. A new group is currently forming. (includes workbook)

This journey is for you if you:

• Are unhappy with your physical appearance and may have medical conditions due to weight issues.

• Have used food (or alcohol) as a mood regulator or comforter.

• Are hard on yourself for not being able to “will” yourself into eating better (or less).

• Feel mostly alone with your emotional discomfort.

• Would like to find inner peace.

• Are open to implementing new life-affirming rituals, which are based on self-empathy and self-compassion. 

• Have been on countless diets before, lose weight and then regain it.


• Are not at peace with food.


• Suffer from body shame and self-loathing.


• Are at a healthy weight but “at war” with food.




"It was a lucky day when I found Petra Beumer and the Mindful Eating Institute. I have been on every diet imaginable since I was twelve years of age. Petra has taught me that dieting isn’t the answer, self care and self love are the key to wellness. Food has been my obsession and fear. After two months of individual sessions and group, a shift has  occurred. I now don’t fear food, it’s a source of nourishment, not a stress soother. I have lost 11 lbs. with the help of journaling, a gratitude notebook and meditation. Petra has given me the tools to finally succeed. I can’t say enough about her nurturing and supportive program!" Private Client, Santa Barbara

One-month self-actualization & self-discovery bootcamp 

Consists of 4 individual 60-minute counseling sessions.


This shorter program is for you if you:

Feel that your life “doesn’t fit”
Are feeling stuck
Long for a deeper meaning in your life
Need to assess current work- or personal relationships


During this journey you will:

Take inventory of limiting beliefs or thoughts patterns, which no longer serve you.
Implement rituals for dispensing of “old tapes”.
Learn and practice mindfulness tools.
Build and/or strengthen your foundation for self-empathy and mindful self-compassion.

What you can expect:

You will take a snapshot of your current life and gain clarity regarding strengths and "weaknesses",

i.e. areas that you are satisfied with, and those parts of your life that need your attention

(via the Life Balance Wheel tool).

You will identify small measurable actions steps, which are designed to strengthen those areas that are in

need of support or enhancement.

You will receive assistance with letting go of situations or scenarios, which no longer serve you.

You will feel a sense of empowerment and refreshed energy as you are releasing stagnant energy and bringing a new FLOW into your life...

Leaving you more invigorated, alive and energized!

$477 for the four-week intensive.

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Resilience & Relaxation

Coping with Stress

during COVID-19


$277 for 4

40-minute sessions


4-week emotional support program via Zoom



What you can expect:

A safe space for you to share, connect and  get emotional support. Given the nature of this stressful time, you may need to vent as well as come up with coping strategies. Together, we can create a plan to navigate through these challenges on a weekly basis for 4 weeks via Zoom. I can be your sounding board, your cheerleader and a source of comfort and encouragement.


Week #1

What’s in your emotional emergency kit?

Strategies for coping, adjusting and "surviving",

both physically and emotionally.   

Week #2

Feeling safe (physically and emotionally).

How can you make yourself feel safe and grounded every day?

Week #3

Mindfulness meditation & calming rituals.

How nature and music can help us heal and cope.

What’s in your self-care toolbox?

Week  #4

Grieving the way “it was". Surrendering to the new normal.

The wisdom and power of accepting and leaning in.

Finding ways to experience joy every day.

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