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Petra is a mindful living expert and founder of the Mindful Eating Institute in Santa Barbara. With a master's in clinical psychology from the University of Hamburg, she has two decades of experience promoting positive lifestyles. She's a pioneer in blending Eastern and Western therapeutic approaches, especially in the realm of emotional eating, weight management, and self-care.


Petra has curated unique programs that champion holistic well-being, integrating principles of positive psychology and mindfulness. She held influential Work-Life Balance workshops at the California Health & Longevity Institute and served as a health educator in Santa Barbara. Petra is a keynote speaker for the American Heart Association on Stress and Eating and has presented at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.


As a Self-Care Specialist, she worked with prestigious resorts like Golden Door and Ritz-Carlton Bacara. Her guiding principle is to love and honor yourself wholly and authentically.

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Get Petra's Workbook:


The Mindful Eating and Self-Care Workbook is designed to help overcome emotional eating patterns. By using it for 30 days you will discover which emotions cause you to eat when you are not hungry. Learn more...

"Petra has a unique gift. She combines great gentleness with a commitment to her client's healing. Her wealth of knowledge reassures my (always testing!) mind, and I'm learning new ways of being with what--for me--was an untenable and destructive relationship with food.

Her holistic approach gives me great optimism for a new way of being--with food, and with myself."

- Christine, Client

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