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Petra Beumer

Santa Barbara's expert weight loss and emotional eating counselor.


Petra received her master's degree in behavioral psychology at the University of Hamburg/Germany. She is a mindful eating and emotional self-care expert with over two decades in counseling and health promotion experience. Her passion is to help her clients be at peace with food and their body, and to practice good emotional self care.

She has been successfully practicing as a counselor and health educator, assisting thousands of clients in making positive lifestyle changes. Petra taught weight loss classes for over four years at a local clinic and has given several talks on weight regulation and emotional eating, both to hospitals as well as corporations.


As a lifestyle consultant, she developed and taught a work-life balance workshop at the prestigious California Health & Longevity Institute and consulted as a health educator at a well-respected Santa Barbara health center.  Petra’s specialty areas are weight management, emotional eating and self-care. In her work she combines cognitive-behavioral therapy with mindfulness and self-compassion practices. She enjoys assisting her clients remotely via Zoom, or in-person in Santa Barbara.


She has given several talks for the American Heart Association on the topic of Stress and Emotional Eating and is a regular guest speaker at Santa Barbara's Cottage Hospital. Petra also shared her wisdom and expertise in her role as Self-Care Specialist at the luxurious Golden Door Resort & Spa, and facilitated Mindful Wednesday sessions for the employees of Santa Barbara County.

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"I have known Petra since she was a health educator in a weight reduction program I attended.  I lost the weight and have been able to maintain the loss.  I continued to attend meetings over the years because I felt I needed the accountability and structure.  Something was missing but, at the time, I couldn’t identify what it was.  Then Petra joined the staff and introduced the concept of mindful eating.  It took time for me to incorporate the idea into what I already knew about nutrition, counting calories, and exercising, but, once I did, I was able to move on and now I eat with the intention of caring for myself and I eat for optimal satisfaction and satiety.   I thank Petra for making this possible." 


Jean, weight loss client, Santa Barbara.