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Tired of Dieting?

Are you tired of counting calories, following a point system, eating pre-packed diet foods or weighing yourself on a daily basis? There is another way! It will take longer and is not as attractive as the promise of a quick fix but will bring you the peace of mind that you’ve been looking for.

It takes courage, patience and the desire to “dig a little deeper”, which can be scary and uncomfortable. In my work we rarely talk about food as most clients know what they “should” be eating. Many of them could teach nutrition or weight loss classes themselves. This kind of emotional work goes beyond intellect and willpower. It is a discovery process, a journey towards the SELF, your true needs and desires, your coping mechanisms in times of distress.

My clients keep a ‘food/mood’ journal and learn to understand their need for reaching for food when they are not physically hungry. The key question remains: ”What are you in need of right now?”

In my work I incorporate cognitive-behavioral with mindfulness strategies. I help my clients design new healthy rituals to replace the powerful ritual of eating instead of feeling. It takes time to override old patterns but it is possible! It’s a beautiful thing when you give yourself the gift of self-compassion and self-nurturing… I invite you to start your journey towards a peaceful and relaxed relationship with food and your body.

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