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Is food your friend or enemy?

Does thinking about food create anxiety and stress? Do you worry about calories and what to eat from morning to night? Are you planning to take on the next 4-week weight loss challenge?

There is another way. You can learn to befriend food and love your body. You can discover not to stress about eating and learn how to nurture yourself in healthy ways. You can develop tools and rituals for good self-care. You will gradually let go of the need to regulate your moods and deal with emotions by eating.

This is a slow process of “mothering” yourself and having compassion for yourself when you are struggling with a challenging situation. We all experience the whole range of emotions, that’s okay. No need to reach for food when you’re not physically hungry. Just sit with the “true” need and be good to yourself in other ways. Food can be your friend. It just takes a little while to change your relationship with it.

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