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The Art of Self-Care

Is it okay to put your needs first? Is it "selfish" to say NO? Do you take care of everybody else first before you take care of yourself? Today's post is about the art of self-care, self-compassion and self-love. Many of my clients nurture and soothe themselves with food as way of giving to themselves after a long day, especially after the dinner hour.

What happens late at night that makes you reach for food when you are not hungry? Is it finally YOUR time? Are you winding down from being on task all day? Are there other ways to acknowledge your need to "fill yourself up", to recharge and replenish? The answer is "yes"... It is crucial to acknowledge the core emotion, the need for comfort and reward. So, next time you want to reach for food at night and are not physically hungry, PAUSE, BREATHE... check in with yourself and explore how else you could give love and compassion to yourself without eating your favorite treat.

Could you simply lie down on the floor and connect with Mother Earth without doing anything other than breathing deeply? Could you take a wonderful relaxing shower with your favorite shower gel and "wash off" the day as a transitionary ritual? Could you journal about what went well today and what you are proud of?

I encourage you to schedule time for yourself in your calendar... as if it were an important doctor's appointment. Making time for ourselves is essential for living a balanced life.

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