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The Wisdom of Tuning In

I was recently confronted with having to make an important business decision. The choice I had to make was to either push through and go against my emotional wellbeing, or to say “no” to what had seemed like a golden opportunity just six months ago.

My choice was to honor my inner wisdom and say “no” to what started to drain me. The physical signals I was receiving were fatigue, irritability and the loss of joy in my life. The price would have been too high.

I am writing this to remind YOU to allow yourself to trust your inner wisdom, to feel and speak your truth and not ignore the signals and messages from your body. If something “feels” wrong in your gut, you are probably spot on. If you have been self-soothing with food or drinking that extra glass of wine in order to keep going, allow yourself to tune in and take a mindful pause. Be still, reflect and let the answers come to the surface.

May be you work too hard and your life isn’t “juicy” enough? Are you yearning for a more creative expression of YOU? If yes, take that art class or dance class, reconnect with nature, get an adult coloring book and allow your inner child to play. Give yourself permission to take one step in the direction of following your dream.

In our task-driven world it is so crucial to downshift, to “dial-down” and to simply play. Take that well-deserved break, book a mini vacation, say “no” to invitations or social outings that don’t serve you. Say “yes” to YOUR needs, your desires and dreams. You are worth it!

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