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Evoking Your Inner Protector

Last night during our group session we discussed the importance of having an “inner protector”. In previous blog posts I have mentioned the importance of nurturing the inner child, and integrating the adult Self and the Crone, the wise woman. Today I’d like to introduce a fourth metaphor: “the protector” (the Warrior Self) to the team of inner resources. All four can support us with practicing good self-care.

Self-care can look differently from day to day… One day good self-care means pushing yourself gently to work out and move your body, other times it means to rest and do absolutely nothing. There is no rule book with exact strategies to follow, no “one-fits-all” recipe for self-care. We need to tune in, allow ourselves the time and space to check in with ourselves, with patience and curiosity. Then we can access what we are truly in need of, and act accordingly and lovingly.

At times, we need to activate the loving mother in us and other times we need to call upon and evoke the inner warrior, the protector to help us speak our truth with a strong voice and protective energy. We can pull strength from our core when it is necessary to have clear and strong boundaries.

So, what does this have to do with emotional eating? I believe, a lot. In the past, eating may have played the role of comforter, soother or protector. Letting go of the “eating for comfort or protection” ritual and introducing new life-affirming rituals will help to let go of the need to self-regulate with food… over time.

Be patient with yourself and allow your inner wisdom to emerge. You got this!

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