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Letting go of “less than”…

I recently let go of friendships and connections, which I felt I had outgrown and were no longer serving my emotional and spiritual growth. I let them go with love and light in my heart… not without feeling the pain and grieving the loss of the laughter and the good times.

I guess this is true for any relationship, may it be romantic or otherwise. You just know in your heart and in your soul that it is time to move on. I teach all my clients to feel the whole range of their emotions, from being sad to anxious, lonely or really happy. Feelings need to be felt, not escaped from.

This leads me to today’s blog post: It is okay to feel all our feelings, and I believe that it is necessary to lean into the uncomfortable and painful emotions and fully feeling them. In the past, we/you may have used food (or wine) and overeating for numbing and escaping any form of discomfort or emotional pain. I understand, however, I believe that true healing and growth comes from “digging and feeling” deeply. True wisdom already resides in our bellies and in our hearts. So, with a little bit of courage we can explore and dive into our inner world with curiosity and no judgement.

This is my “call to action” today: When you feel like running away from discomfort, choose to embrace and accept this momentary reality, ride the wave of painful emotions and emerge with more clarity and a healthy full heart.

With love,


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