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Self-care is not a luxury but a necessity

If we don’t express ourselves creatively... or release appropriately, the body will do it for us and give us messages to pay attention to.

Lesson: Do not ignore your energy levels and push yourself or your body to the max... or it will give you (strong) signals to play more, rest and relax. HONOR the need for balancing work (output) and play (recharging).

Symptoms to pay attention to:

* Strong need for isolation * Feeling easily annoyed * Chronic neck pain * Fatigue * Loss of joy & being on “autopilot” * Fatigue * Headaches * Flu/cold symptoms

Suggestion: Gentle daily check in via journal. How am I doing? 1. Physically 2. Emotionally 3. Spiritually

RX for Wellness: Don’t ignore signals from your body Schedule downtime & play time Question urgency Take mini breaks & breathe Don’t postpone joy

Plan for fun outings, such as a movie, dinner with friends, a concert etc. Give yourself permission to practice good self-care. Affirmation: 💕”I am worth it!”💕 Remember: Self care is not a luxury but a necessity.

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