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"I am not a project!"

“I am not a project!”

… said one of my clients in group the other day. It sparked a very meaningful and interesting discussion. She stated that she was tired of following certain goals and putting pressure on herself regarding what to eat, when to exercise, when to meditate and when to play. It felt to her as if she was a project to be completed, and when not on track she was feeling discouraged, disappointed and defeated.

She reported that when she finally let go of this mental concept she was able to just tune in, follow her intuition, go with the flow and take care of her true needs. So, she exercised because she felt like it one morning, which was followed by a series of cooking beautiful meals and creating healthy lunches for the week. She even made biscottis!!

What is the lesson? Don’t be so hard on yourself! There is no need to beat yourself up. Follow your own heart. Let go of forcing outcomes and open yourself up to trusting to your inner guidance. I truly believe that deep down inside we all know what’s good for us.

Why not let go of treating yourself like a “project” and embrace that we are all on a journey… We are all in the process of hopefully becoming more loving and gentle with ourselves.

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