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Always, always follow your heart.

Dear Reader -

The only constant in life is change. I changed career paths in the beginning of 2022 when I chose to engage in a full-time employment situation - with great expectations and full of optimism.

After only three weeks it became clear to me that it is not the right fit for me and that it wouldn’t feed my heart and soul. I did what I teach all my clients: I listened to my intuition and the messages from my body, followed my heart’s calling and spoke my truth.

Today I resigned from the corporate job and am thrilled to let you know that I am back to my life as a counselor and facilitator! I feel the stress leaving my physical and emotional body, as am fully embracing my familiar and trusted path of helping clients heal their relationship with food and their body.

If you are (or someone you know is) ready to end a lifelong struggle with food and eating, send them my way. I offer a complimentary initial consultation to see if a new client and I are a good fit.

My wish for you is to always honor your soul’s calling and your heart’s desire. That’s where our true power lies.

I am here for you should you need emotional support navigating life’s challenges. I am just a phone call away.

From my heart to yours. Be well,



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