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Taking a road trip is good for the soul!

I spontaneously jumped in my car yesterday and drove north. Friends of mine had mentioned the Carrizo Plain (Cuyama Valley). I purchased a sandwich and a cold Kombucha and off I went…

It was truly freeing to leave my four walls and the familiar sights of my neighborhood. I felt I was on my vacation. This little adventure helped me create mental space and re-frame the current situation we are in. I still had a choice! I wasn’t powerless or trapped (even though I had felt like that recently). Living in Santa Barbara is a blessing, and I was so grateful to see our beautiful back country with large fields of amazing wildflowers, climbing up to 4000 feet on the 33 towards Ventura… grateful for being able to see the bigger picture and breathe more easily, even just for a few hours.

If it’s available to you go on the road, be an adventurer and explore a road or region that you’ve never seen before. It’s a refreshing and expansive experience.

If you can’t jump in a car and take a drive, take a mental vacation and travel in your mind. Visualize a beautiful place where you can find peace and solace. We’ll get through this.

You are not alone. Wishing you much strength and resilience.

With love,



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