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Ready to feel lighter, not just physically but emotionally?

Lightness from within.

"I feel so much lighter!" I often hear from clients who have been in my program for about three months. Our counseling work has enabled them to release the burden of shame, guilt or a sense of failure, which they had been carrying for many years - even decades. How is that connected to losing weight, you might ask? Let me tell you how.

Become the person you needed most.

Many of us (including me) did not receive the safe and reliable emotional nurturing we needed. It was not always our parents' fault, as they may have been acting out their own suffering of unhealed wounds and trauma. It is never too late to become the person you needed the most - meaning: You can "re-parent" yourself in the way you needed to be seen, heard and protected when you were little. You can shed the burden of inherited beliefs and gently address early programming. This time of inner child healing takes time and the journey is not going be linear. It takes courage and patience to slowly fill your inner self-love reservoir with your own kindness, care and protection.

Improve your love relationship with yourself.

By changing your relationship with yourself you will be able to change your relationship with food. This is what I have been witnessing since I started doing this work. The exploration of the deeper issues, which keep a client from losing or maintaining weight are crucial. Only when we take a deeper dive into the well-established blockages or limiting beliefs - can a client make the shift. "Making the shift." is really the keyword. Making the shift from using food to cope with stress, anxiety or other challenging emotions. Making the shift from allowing negative self-talk to showering yourself with loving and supporting (and forgiving) messages... messages of encouragement, kindness and compassion.

If you are a current client, it is my honor and my joy to continue supporting you. Keep up the good self-care work!

With compassion,



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