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How Inner Child Work Can Support Your Weight Loss Journey

In my work I have assisted many clients with finding their voice and honoring their true self; women and men who were not allowed to be themselves and express their whole range of emotions when they were growing up (and that includes myself). When it was never safe to be who you really were, it is very understandable that speaking up (speaking out) may seem very hard and foreign to you in the beginning of the counseling journey. Now as an adult you can give yourself permission to express yourself fully and to give yourself encouragement in time of need. Being YOU, unapologetically, means to speak your truth and to stand in your own light.

When you don’t say what’s on your mind and “swallow” you truth, i.e. feelings of anger or disappointment, those emotions will linger and may cause you to feel resentful. It is not uncommon for emotional eaters to "eat their feelings." It is a gift to yourself and others to practice being authentic and to speak your truth from the heart. It is all about the delivery. I am not suggesting that this is easy but it is worth it. It does take courage to say “no” when you mean “no”,”yes” when you mean “yes” and “may be when you mean “may be”.

“I let go of the need to correct people’s impression of me.” - David Richo

How would you coach and empower a young child? What words of wisdom and love would you offer? What would you tell your best friend?

Self-Empowerment Exercise: Next time you feel like avoiding a confrontation out of fear, gently place your hand over your heart and give yourself permission to speak your mind. Your feelings are valid. Start by writing down the things you’d like to say. Set an intention to honor your truth and practice letting go of the outcome. What matters is that you are true to your Self. Whatever we say to others will be filtered through their unique personal lens. We are not responsible for another person’s feelings or reactions. What matters is our intention behind it. If truth is spoken from the heart, the other can hear it. They may not like it and that’s okay. It’s not our job to process the feelings of others. We are only responsible for our own.

I am here to support you on your weight management and emotional healing journey! Kindness starts with us. Self-care isn't selfish.

Reach out to me to schedule your complimentary initial consultation. Let's find out whether my program is right for you!

With compassion,



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