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How to Lose Weight without Dieting

Is it possible to lose weight without calorie counting and dieting? The answer is "Yes!" Diets are successful in the short-term but then "Life happens." as many of my clients have shared. So, what is the answer to a lifelong healthy weight management without the stress and obsession related to dieting? Please read below for 5 mindful eating and emotional self-care tips.

Tip #1 - Eat mindfully and slow down.

Sounds simple enough but takes some practice in the beginning. We are a culture of fast eaters and don't carve out time for cooking and eating mindfully. Start small by planning for one mindful meal this week. Unplug from all electronics. Take your time cooking, setting the table in a beautiful manner, slow down and enjoy each bite.

Tip #2 - Mindful living is key.

It's not just about mindful eating. It's about being mindful in many aspects of our lives. Being mindful stands for being aware of the present moment and intentional of all our activities. This, too, takes practice as we are bombarded with emails, texts and other alerts. Question a sense of urgency. Take five deep breaths before responding to incoming requests. Give yourself permission to "unplug" regularly. Take breaks and "downshift" intentionally.

"It take courage to say yes to rest and play in a culture where exhaustion is seen as a status symbol." – Brené Brown

Tip #3 - Make self-care a priority.

Self-care isn't selfish... Kindness starts with us. I learned this later in life. I realized that I had much more to give when I started paying attention to my own energy levels as well as honoring my boundaries. Dare to say yes when you mean yes, no when you mean no and may be when you mean may be. Speak your truth form the heart, stand in your own light and dare to be YOU -unapologetically.

Tip #4 - Keep a "food and mood journal."

Keeping a food and mood journal will help you identify the emotional triggers, which cause you to eat when you are not physically hungry. Do this with gently curiosity and without judgement. Emotions are messengers. You can learn (over time) to replace the powerful ritual of eating instead of feeling. Have compassion for yourself. Treat yourself the same way you would talk to a loved one.

Tip #5 - Replace emotional eating with self-compassion.

Emotional eating patterns and a history of yo-yo dieting won't just go away within a few weeks. That's perfectly normal and is to be expected. Allow yourself to embark on a new journey. Give yourself permission to learn new and healthy ways of coping with difficult emotions, which will lead to freedom from emotional eating over time. Self-compassion is a key player when it comes to finding peace with food.

What you learn with me you cannot un-learn.

You see. You can be free of harsh and restrictive diets. You can lose weight by practicing a new way of emotional self-care. Let me teach you how. Reach out to me and schedule your complimentary initial consultation. We will assess whether my program is right for you. I am here to support you on your weight loss and self-care journey!

~ Petra


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