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How to Manage Holiday Weight Gain

If you (like many) have been putting on a few extra pounds over the holidays, don’t be hard on yourself. In this blog post I’d like to propose adapting a different mindset, and not jumping into extreme thinking, unattainable health- and wellness goals, and starting yet another diet come January.

Research suggests that diets don’t work longterm and may leave a person more frustrated and hopeless than before. So, how can you honor your desire to feel lighter, eat healthier, add more greens and more movement in 2023?

Rather than stressing about rigid structures and punitive diets, set a daily intention to take good care of yourself - both physically and emotionally. How would you support and coach a child that has gained a little weight? You would be kind and encouraging, yes? Give yourself the same grace and gently incorporate new healthy behaviors into your daily life. Start your day by setting a positive intention and also get support. Find a walking buddy, cook as a family, start documenting your self-care journey in a “wellness journal.” Make Mindfulness your companion in 2023.

Mindfulness means being aware and paying attention. I invite you slow down in general. Practice mindful eating by unplugging from electronics, chewing and enjoying each bite. Make a mindful shopping list and plan going to the market on a specific day of the week. Make sure that you have beautiful and healthy choices in the fridge, and display your favorite fruits in a beautiful bowl. Below are suggestions for incorporating mindful self-care into your daily life:

  • On one day this week, enjoy a meal with a family member or friend and make it special. Choose nice plates and napkins, add a flower, play soft music and light a candle. Slow down, relax and enjoy the meal and your company without distractions. Tell the person you are dining with that you’d like to take your time and truly savor the food.

  • To incorporate more movement, do gentle yoga or stretching exercises and focus on your breathing for ten minutes, and commit to taking a brisk walk around the neighborhood for 30 minutes once this week. That’s doable, right? You’ve got this! Remember, we can always begin again and treat ourselves with kindness, care and self-compassion.

Wishing you Happy Holidays ~ filled with many joyful moments, inner peace and good health!

I am here to support you on your weight management and self-care journey. Reach out to me to schedule your initial complimentary consultation.

With compassion,



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