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Rewrite Your Weight Loss Story - Give It a Happy Ending

If you have been on the diet roller coaster your whole life - this blog post is for you. If you have been exposed to "toxic diet culture" since you were a child, this post is for you. If you were body shamed at an early age, this post is for you!

The Diet History

Client "Samantha" has been on countless diets before. All her life she has been told that she is chubby and needs to watch watch she eats. She loses weight and then regains it. She is overweight and not at peace with food. She eats when she feels overwhelmed, anxious, lonely or bored. Food has become a trusted companion, a good friend, a comforter and soother. She knows what she should be eating. Why doesn't she? She has some medical conditions. Suffers from body shame, self-loathing, and is “at war” with food and her body. She feels weary, discouraged, hopeless, and is suspicious of any new weight loss program or diet.

Samantha is the type of person who, like most women, prioritizes the needs of everybody else. She knows how to nurture others but not herself. Thinks: “I hate my body!” “I need to lose weight.” “I am tired of dieting.” She has a desire to feel better, lighter, look better and get healthier.

Finding a Weight Management Solution

The inquiry begins. "Is there possibly another way to find peace with food and my body?" she ask herself. I don't have another diet in me. Yes, I am an emotional eater. I know what I should be doing. I need support! Gentle, loving, non-judgmental support - without punitive restrictions, which make me feel deprived.

New Beginnings

Luckily there are health professionals (like myself) who specialize in the treatment of disordered or "emotional eating." The objective for treatment is to understand the underlying emotional triggers, which cause someone to reach for food when they aren't physically hungry. Oftentimes this behavior pattern is very old and familiar, and may have lasted a lifetime. The good news is that a former yo-yo dieter and emotional eater can learn to self-regulate and self-soothe without using food. It's a deeper dive, so to speak, which takes courage and loads and loads of self-compassion and self-kindness.

I am here to support you!

It is my life's work as well as my passion to support my clients in having a relaxed and healthy relationship with food and their body - for the rest of their lives. Please reach out to me to schedule your initial complimentary consultation so we can find out whether we are a good match for this deep healing journey. It'll be gentle, I promise! I look forward to hearing from you.

With compassion,



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