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How to Prevent Stress Eating & Weight Gain this Holiday Season

Mindful Eating and Emotional Self-Care this Holiday Season | 8 Week Women's Circle.

Mon, September 12, 2022. 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM PDT Online event

Hello -

I know it's still summer but you may already worry a bit about the upcoming holidays. For many of us, the holiday season is a glamorized time of togetherness, family time, great food, and slowing down.

The reality often presents itself as having unworkable expectations and quite stressful. The fear of overeating (once again) can start as early as Halloween.

Making the promise and replaying the familiar tape: "I'll start losing weight in the new year!" can be a story of the past. So this year, join a cohort of eight like-minded women in approaching this season wisely and differently.

During this 8-week course I will introduce you to unique mindfulness-based practices, which you will implement into your daily routine.

The goal of this support group is to surf the season as a well-balanced, empowered woman who is ready to let go of pre-programmed visions and expectations of "the perfect holiday."

You will learn the steps to prevent getting too stressed, tired and overwhelmed, which are designed to help prevent emotional overeating.

Each week we will discuss and practice proven relaxation- and mindfulness techniques to keep calm no matter what.

You will receive emotional support from your "Circle Sisters" in staying true to yourself, carve out alone time if needed and permit yourself to focus on your needs first. Yes, kindness and compassion start with us. You can't give from an empty cup. Give yourself the oxygen first.

Engaging in this curated eight-week program will ensure that there is no need to put extra weight on or get overwhelmed this season.

You will learn how to avoid stress-eating and discuss and explore ways of indulging mindfully - without worrying about calories.

These valuable life balance lessons will carry you through the holiday season. So embrace this opportunity to show yourself love, kindness, self-nurturing, and compassion.

To learn more about this highly valuable course and to reserve your space, click

Let me be your guide! With compassion,



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