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My Non-Diet Approach to Weight Management and Emotional Eating

Diets fail when emotional eating is not addressed. I have developed a mindful approach to weight loss and emotional eating. My program is deeply rooted in positive psychology as well as self-compassion and mindfulness principles.

During our initial consultation my clients share their unique weight loss journey and diet history.

Many (or most) started struggling with this issue when they were children. Damaging messages such as: “You are getting fat.” created shame and a sense of “not being enough.” A child needs to be loved and accepted - unconditionally - not criticized or shamed. When food becomes the enemy, feeling at home in your body turns into a difficult and daunting task.

How can one break this unhealthy (and unhelpful) cycle after years and years of negative programming? It takes a gentle and loving approach of embracing the emotional wounds. Wounds can heal; it may take time but they can! Daily rituals of self-kindness and self-compassion will serve as “medicine” over time. We can give to ourselves what wasn’t given to us when we were little. I know. I have done it.

Clients who invite in the scared and hurt part of themselves can begin to reframe the old negative messages and heal their relationship with food and their body over time.

This is a gentle and slower process, which aims at creating an inner shift - without pressure, expectations or dietary restrictions. The “shift” can be felt as a greater sense of inner calm, less anxiety and even new moments of joy.

Our truth and our wisdom resides in our bellies. My job as a counselor is to help navigate the inner journey in the safest way possible. When your body never served as a “safe home” we need to befriend it slowly, gently and with great care.

There is no rush. Healing is not linear. Let me be your guide.

With compassion,



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