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Feeling Safe

Ask yourself: "How can I make myself feel safe today, both physically and emotionally?

Emotional Counseling during Stressful Times

You are not alone during these stressful, anxious and de-stabilizing times. If you need emotional counseling in order to cope with stressors regarding work, family or finances I will be happy to serve as a sounding board or a source of comfort, inspiration and hope. As you may know, I am a masters level psychologist and counselor. I assist all kinds of clients, like the County of Santa Barbara, previously Sansum Clinic, etc. in supporting people with stress, anxiety and other issues. Given the nature of this stressful time, you may need to vent as well as come up with a plan to cope with loved ones, co-workers and financial issues. Together, you and I can create a plan to navigate through t

From Victim to Warrior

When we feel stuck, frustrated, anxious, scared, under-appreciated, over-worked or simply alone and unsupported it is easy to slip into victim mode. The sense of hopelessness or helplessness may add to “black or white” thinking and cause us to write stories in our head that simply aren’t true. They are constructs of our imagination since nobody knows the future. But the feelings are real, the emotions are valid and deserve loving attention. Mindful self-compassion and self-empathy are needed, which is a very different from going into victim mode. Instead of saying to ourselves that we don’t have any options we can compassionately let the feelings just be there, and experience the sensations


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