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Taking a road trip is good for the soul!

I spontaneously jumped in my car yesterday and drove north. Friends of mine had mentioned the Carrizo Plain (Cuyama Valley). I purchased a sandwich and a cold Kombucha and off I went… It was truly freeing to leave my four walls and the familiar sights of my neighborhood. I felt I was on my vacation. This little adventure helped me create mental space and re-frame the current situation we are in. I still had a choice! I wasn’t powerless or trapped (even though I had felt like that recently). Living in Santa Barbara is a blessing, and I was so grateful to see our beautiful back country with large fields of amazing wildflowers, climbing up to 4000 feet on the 33 towards Ventura… grateful for be

Comfort eating in times of Corona

Needless to say we live in very stressful and challenging times. Your need to reach for food (or alcohol) to cope with fear, stress or anxiety may have increased over the past few weeks. I understand that there is a greater underlying need to make yourself feel safe and to create a “trance” state, during which you are distracted from physical or emotional discomfort. This is very human. One wants to get relief from suffering. Are there other ways that would help take the edge off and find inner peace? Please take a look at the image of the emotional eating iceberg below. It might help you to identify the sources of discomfort, identify and label the feeling. Then soothe yourself the same way


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